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Rule #3 Stay Consistent

Don’t Forget What Got You Here

This is one of the biggest things that is often overlooked.  When you start getting a little bit of success you start forgetting what got you there.  You no longer stay consistent… and it hurts.  The thing is with hard work, the results don’t come for 3-6 months later so when you’re getting inconsistent with your hard work the sting comes much later.  It’s imperative that you keep consistent on the things you did to get where you are today.

For me that’s:

  • Keep prospecting
  • Keep outsourcing lower level activities
  • Keep working on content
  • Keep working ads
  • Keep networking with winners
  • Learning
  • Reading

I certainly stopped reading as much because I felt like every time I read a new book… I got so immersed that I started doing everything according to that book.  Nowadays I get my information from two distinct sources.  I focus on training I’ve bought and informative issue from a psychologist that’s my business coach.

My buddies over at never stop interviewing people or writing.  There’s success just keeps getting compounded and compounded while I crush it for a stretch and the rest on my laurels!

Rule #2 Avoid The Slump


Last year I talked about getting off your butt and getting to work.  After that blog post I put in my time.  What have you done in the last year?  Anything? Nothing?  Think about how you spent your time each and everyday in the last 365 days.  What did you accomplish?  What didn’t you accomplish?  How would you rate the satisfaction you got from your work ethic for the last 12 months?  These are questions that I ask myself each and everyday to keep laser focused on my goals.

One thing that I noticed is I started getting FAT.  No joke I was so focused on business that I started getting “fluffy”.  I realized this, but put it on the back burner…  because I was focusing on my business.  Frankly, my business started to hurt just like my body was.  I didn’t have the energy I needed to get everything done.  Heck, I started putting in a mere 40 hour work week when I used to put in 80-100 hours every single week.  I noticed this in the last 2 months and decided I needed to get back to my blog and note down this progress.

The problem is that I hate working out.  I despise it.  It’s silly to spend hours in the gym looking at a TV screen or waiting for the squat rack to open up.  I decided to give my body a different kind of exercise.  I read some reviews about different Martial Arts Centers in Brookfield and decided to take a class at a little place called Family Martial Arts Center. They had very good reviews!  I read everything I could possibly about them, because I didn’t want to get in there and waste my time.  I read about other places on yelp offering Martial Arts Near Brookfield. Still the guys over there at “FMAC” had the best program.  One thing that they had that everyone else didn’t was adult sparring.  Now that got me excited!  I get the work up a sweat and lay out a can of whoopass on other adults… without getting hurt?  Sounds like my kind of fun.

Adult Sparring reminds me of this:


Long story short – I’m back at it.  The new energy I’ve gained from that one hour in the gym kicking other dudes asses all day has given me the focus to push through any business obstacle thrown in my direction.  I’m back at it BABY!!!

That’s my one post for hopefully the next year while I get my head back in the game and get down to business.


Rule #1 Avoid Analysis Paralysis

Get Off Your ASS

Seriously, just get off your fat ass and get to work.  That’s just a paradox if you’re in the internet marketing world because it’s more like get on your fat ass and get to work because all the work we’re doing is on the internet right?  In a chair right?  On our (probably) fat asses right?  Pretty much.  So let’s fix that line right now.

Seriously, just get on your fat ass and get to work, you lazy motherfucker.  I had to throw that little tidbit in there, because as you learned in my cutting edge about page that I like to swear a ton.  I can’t swear regularly because I have kids and they pick that shit up.  I can’t be an asshole on facebook like I would prefer to be (so many complainers on the internet these days) because I run my business online.  I can’t even be a dick in real life because chances are that someone will recognize me and be like “isn’t that the guy who made our website?” as I flick them a bold middle finger while passing by their little shitty Prius.

Sure, there are a ton of things that I’d love to do differently, but if I followed that I loved to do then I’d be no where.  I loved to play video games.  Where the hell does video games get you?  I love to workout, but where the hell does that get you?  Heck, I started a personal training business only to notice that it was a ticking time bomb.  What do you think the first thing will be when the economy goes south?  Certainly not personal training right?  Think again.  Paying someone to help you exercise is a true luxury.

Anyways, I’m on my second business and have learned a ton.  One of the biggest things that I’ve learned is that your mind is trained.  Your mind is conditioned.  When you don’t feel like working that’s the time you need to get your ass “on” and start working.  Your mind is telling you that you’ve worked enough because it’s conditioned to seek the path of least resistance.  You need to work harder to get to where you want to be in life.

Pause for a second and think about what quality time is.  Is quality time watching movies on the TV that happened to be on at the exact moment you clicked on the television?  Is quality time the time you spend laying half naked on the bed or sitting on the shitter checking your social media?  I think not.  In fact, neither of those are quality time whatsoever.  Quality time is going on a vacation with your wife and kids.  Quality time is doing one of your favorite hobbies.  Quality time is something that is special rather than a meaningless everyday occurance.  Quality time is spending nights with your kids or reading them a bed time story.

What does this mean exactly?  What does quality time have to do with building a business?  Imagine taking all that non-quality and devoting it to your business.  What do you think would happen if you took that non-quality time and devoted it to ANYTHING.  Employees have this thing called a hobby.  A entrepreneur’s hobby is making money.  Change your mind, fight with yourself, win the daily battle of taking non-quality time and devoting it to working hard!  If you can do that… you will win.

Take a look at this video with my boy Gary Vaynerchuk.  He’s one of my biggest inspirations.


Notice there’s not a third K right?

It’s not that kind of party.

This blog is about building a business.  Not just any business.  An internet business.  Internet businesses are the way of the future.  Becoming a digital nomad is the key to getting the most out of life.  As you’ll learn in future posts there’s a certain way to build a business.

There’s also a more popular way to build a business that isn’t exactly fruitful.

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