Month: September 2020

Rule #3 Stay Consistent

Don’t Forget What Got You Here

This is one of the biggest things that is often overlooked.  When you start getting a little bit of success you start forgetting what got you there.  You no longer stay consistent… and it hurts.  The thing is with hard work, the results don’t come for 3-6 months later so when you’re getting inconsistent with your hard work the sting comes much later.  It’s imperative that you keep consistent on the things you did to get where you are today.

For me that’s:

  • Keep prospecting
  • Keep outsourcing lower level activities
  • Keep working on content
  • Keep working ads
  • Keep networking with winners
  • Learning
  • Reading

I certainly stopped reading as much because I felt like every time I read a new book… I got so immersed that I started doing everything according to that book.  Nowadays I get my information from two distinct sources.  I focus on training I’ve bought and informative issue from a psychologist that’s my business coach.

My buddies over at never stop interviewing people or writing.  There’s success just keeps getting compounded and compounded while I crush it for a stretch and the rest on my laurels!

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